The Jewish Military Museum is working in partnership with the Jewish Museum to explore our collection and reach new audiences. Both museums have a shared goal to further understanding and knowledge about Jewish life, history and heritage. This project will ultimately see the two museums come together to tell these stories.

We have received funding from the Arts Council England to allow us to work more closely with the fascinating objects in our collection. A research assistant and archivist, Sarah Fairhurst and learning officer, Tom Furber, have been appointed to develop new interpretation and programmes around key objects including the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women Memorial Window designed by Abram Games.

As part of this project our World War I exhibition will showcase the Jewish Military Museum collection to tell the multi-faceted story of Jewish involvement in the Great War.

Sarah is documenting her process of discovery through the Jewish Military Museum stores on this blog.

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7 comments on “About
  1. Phil Reed says:

    The Jewish Military Museum so deserves a wider public: its displays, telling history through personal stories and objects, make it all so real. The staff – the majority of them not Jewish at all – do a brilliant job and are utterly dedicated. Sarah is a great curator and will go far.

  2. Cyril Marks says:

    I Have in my possession several letters addressed to my father from a Rev David Hirsch who was a chaplain to the Jewish forces in World war one. They were sent to my father as a member of the JLB and cover the period from 1916 in France to what I think was his death in 1919 whilst still on active service. Are you interested in seeing them?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am researching Sgt George Jacobs D C M (RAMC) for the Mining Institute Heritage Day in Newcastle as he was a mining engineer in Wearmouth, Sunderland. He was commemorated on a plaque at Ryhope Street Synagogue which I understand was sent to the Jewish Military Museum when the Synagogue closed.Is this plaque on display or in storage?
    Also I have found a newspaper copy of a letter written by his brother Captain Cyril Jacobs (also RAMC) which describes his experiences near Ypres in early 1915 – would you be interested in this?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your email. Sgt George Jacobs was indeed one of the men commemorated on a plaque the museum has from the Sunderland Synagogue. It was recently on display in our WW1 exhibition at the Jewish Museum, ‘For King and Country? The Jewish Experience of the First World War’.
      We are de-installing the exhibition this week so it will be back at the JMM next week.
      We would be interested in a copy of the newspaper letter. We do not tend to collect newspapers as they are difficult to conserve and most are available in a digital format.

  4. I was delighted to find this website as part of my research into my great uncle, Lt Frank de Pass. On Wed 27 Aug I will be visiting his grave and commemorating the action at Festubert with a team of university students who are conducting a cycle ride through the Western Front battlefields. As a serving officer in the army, with brother, father and uncle all having served, it’s fantastic to see his uniform and medals being exhibited. I’d be very grateful to know if there might be an opportunity to see the exhibit before it gets packed away, and in particular the medal. I will be away until 17 Sep, but can pass on any information to my father (his nephew), who may wish to get more involved.

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