Operation uniforms!

Prior to the museum’s move to the Jewish Museum later this year, we have been busy cataloguing, sorting and repacking the entire collection. Our main focus at the moment is to repack our uniforms.

The Museum has over 40 full uniforms and many additional uniform accessories including hats, ties and belts. They all need new hangers and conservation-standard bags, as at the moment the metal/wooden hangers could be damaging them and the fabric covers are not ideal for storage.


Existing uniform storage


Existing uniform storage

The way the uniforms are packed and stored at the moment means the rails are over-packed and heavy and it makes it difficult to identify the uniforms inside the covers.

First of all our marvellous volunteers Sophie, Susan and Lynn made padded hangers using wadding and calico fabric.

Sophie sewing

Volunteer Sophie making padded hangers


New padded coat hangers


New padded trouser hangers


Next each part of the uniform is removed from the old covers and laid out for a condition report. We check that they have been catalogued and a label has been sewn into them.


Trousers with their photograph

Using a conservation report we check each part of the uniform for any damage and record details of this and its overall condition. This enables us to highlight any piece of uniform that may need conservation, repair or special treatment. Photographs are taken of the overall uniform and any problem areas.

The old hangers are replaced with our new padded ones and the uniform repacked into a white Tyvek cover; a photograph and label are then added to the front.


uniform bags are labelled


photograph attached

Any hats, belts and other uniform accessories are packed into boxes with acid-free tissue paper.


uniform accessories repacked


Uniform accessory box in store

The uniforms now have more space on the rail, are easier to identify and look fantastic!


Repacked uniforms


Repacked uniforms

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