Games and Doris are back!

There has been no rest for me, Roz and Ian since For King and Country? opened last week. We have been preparing the Living Community Gallery at the Jewish Museum for a small display of key Jewish Military Museum objects.. As you may remember I have written blogs about the AJEX Memorial window and Doris Benjamin’s cape. In my January blog they both went off to the conservators to be cleaned before their new redisplay at the Jewish Museum.

The Memorial window was taken to Plowden and Smith who gave it a thorough clean before experimenting with different ways to light the window in its new location. In February Ian and I visited the workshops to see how things were coming along. We met Emily the conservator who worked on the window’s surface and Roger who worked on the lighting.

Plowden and Smith's workshops                                                     


With the stainless steel frame removed we were able to see how the window was put together. It appears that black resin was applied to a sheet of Perspex, with the colour acrylic blocks set into this. The Perspex was then nailed to the wooden frame.

DSCF6617                                           DSCF6614

Last week we visited the workshop again to see the finished window. Plowden and Smith have done a remarkable job. A sheet of perspex has been applied to the front of the window to protect it from damage and the colours of the bars look so bright.



Although the memorial window will be installed in front of a naturally lit window, Roger has designed a new lighting system for when the window needs to be lit from behind. The strips of LEDs are in complete contrast to the clunky lighting system used before.


Work began on the Living Community space, the interactive table was removed and a large hole made in the far wall…

DSC_0012           DSC_0013         DSC_0017

Ian and Ash needed to make a hole to reach the existing window behind. No one quite realised just how big a job it would be….

DSC_0019                                                                                                  DSC_0022


The window being raised up into its new position. The colours of the medal bars are so much brighter with the natural light!

DSC_0030 DSC_0026

Meanwhile Alice, Roz and I were mounting some smaller JMM objects…


Lastly, the cape arrived to the store. It looks so beautiful. Janie Lightfoot and her team have done an amazing job. Ian and Chris have been putting together the new case for it which will have a mirror on the back wall so the cape can be seen from all angles.



2014-03-31 13.40.50

Watch this space for photos of the completed display!



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  1. […] this week to show you the completed display at the Jewish Museum which opened last week. My last blog described how things were coming […]

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