‘For King and Country?’ 2 days to go!

Over the last 2 weeks exciting things have been happening at the JMM and the Jewish Museum.

The build and installation for our First World War exhibition ‘For King and Country? The Jewish Experience of the First World War’ has been completed.

The first week saw The Whitewall Company build the exhibitions structure using our designer Arnaud’s plans.

The carpet was first laid for the floor.


The Whitewall Company built most of the structures for the exhibition off site, including the walls.

















The cases and graphic frames begin to arrive…


Each graphic frame and ledge was again framed with a fabric banner, designed to replicate the feeling of tent canvas.


In the middle of the room will be a light box table with maps of the world, showing the changes in alliances throughout the war.

ImageHere is the replica shop window. The photograph shows a bakers shop window with a First World War recruitment poster. We are borrowing the original poster from the National Army Museum and, along with other framed posters, will be displayed directly onto the graphic.



The graphics arrived, both the section introductions and the timelines.


The next stage of the installation was the arrival of the conserved objects and loans. Firstly the uniform of Frank de Pass arrived from conservation. My January blog showed the uniform being picked up by Janie Lightfoot and here it is fully conserved and looking absolutely beautiful.













Next was the most exciting of all our loans, the Victoria Cross of Frank de Pass. The National Army Museum has very generously lent the Victoria Cross to the exhibition. It is absolutely fantastic to have it. Below Roz works with Ed Purvis from the National Army Museum to complete a condition report for the VC


Adam from Plowden and Smith made and installed a special mount for the VC and here it is displayed with de Pass’s other medals and his uniform.


other loans to arrive were a Christmas Card designed by Isaac Rosenberg from the Imperial War Museum and an order of service on the Balfour Declaration from the British Library.



After working a grueling 60 hours last week the exhibition team (Roz, Ian and I) were delighted to see it open today for a Friends Private View. Here are some shots from the day. I hope you will visit the exhibition, at the Jewish Museum, until 10th August 2014. It truly is a labour of love and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have curatingit.



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4 comments on “‘For King and Country?’ 2 days to go!
  1. Elizabeth Selby says:

    The exhibition looks fantastic! Well done Sarah, Roz, Ian, Arnaud and Alice!

  2. Sounds brilliant. Mark Gertler was my great uncle – my grandmother was his sister Sophie. When I realised as a child that something odd was afoot & asked about him, I was told, “We don’t talk about Uncle Mark” – and she never did.

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